Voyageur Brigade Society: What is it?

The Voyageur Brigade Society was established in 2009 to ensure that the enthusiasm generated by the 2008 David Thompson Brigade would persist into the future and that voyageur brigades would occur on a regular basis.


  • Provide access of information from previous brigades which will ease the planning task.
  • Archive documents and images from completed brigades.
  • Link paddlers with adventure.

2017 Canadian Voyageur Brigades

Our canoe journeys and brigades commence this week, and continue on through much of the summer.  From these pages you will find links to late posted support files, and to the various sites that our brigades are posting their on-going blogs and updates.  Some these you will find on the CVBS Facebook page.

If you have not been following the development of our brigades we have six closely associated brigades sharing administrative know how, marketing & web site, insurance, registration and swag; and then another six events that we’ve been sharing marketing and helping to a lesser extent.  Our main menus on this home page reflect these distinctions.  As a group these brigades are providing Big CANOE opportunities across seven provinces this summer, and range in extent from as little as three days to as long as 25 days.

Our paddlers will be celebrating:  Canada’s 150+ Anniversary, the canoe as a Canadian symbol, our history of cultural cooperation, our water stewardship across our country and helping to develop our next generation of paddlers.