Voyageur Brigade Society: What is it?

The Voyageur Brigade Society was established in 2009 to ensure that the enthusiasm generated by the 2008 David Thompson Brigade would persist into the future and that voyageur brigades would occur on a regular basis.


  • Provide access of information from previous brigades which will ease the planning task.
  • Archive documents and images from completed brigades.
  • Link paddlers with adventure.

2017 Canadian Voyageur Brigades

Come join us  for a paddling celebration of Canada’s 150 Anniversary next summer.  On this page you will find links and informational pages supporting more than a dozen big canoe events planned for next year that span our country from west to east, and north to south. These west coast journeys and brigades will be a celebration of Canada, of our history of cultural cooperation, for water stewardship across our country and for developing our next generation of paddlers.

Joining one or more of our events next summer is as easy:  as reviewing our schedule to find the “general plan” for events you may be interested in or provided links, and  then finding a canoe crew to paddle with.  Ideally canoe crews come together and are registered together by Crew Leaders, this can be a whole crew (9-12) paddlers, or a partial crew.  Each event will assist unattached paddlers with finding a crew to paddle with, this will mean completing the unattached paddler form for each brigade you may be interested in.  Most events will have a crew leader who has volunteered to organize unattached paddlers.  By late winter, all event participants who have a crew to paddle with will need to complete a 2017 CVBS membership.

As we head into winter, we now have most of our journey and brigade general plans posted here, we have a registration system in place through Zone4 for all our larger brigades, and by early in 2017 expect to have all our brigades ready to accept crew and individual paddler registrations.   Most brigades have limited space, do not hesitate, get registered!

If you are interested, want to help, or want further information, contact the organizers at or click on our future brigades link above.