Canadian Voyageur Brigade Society

The Canadian Voyageur Brigade Society has evolved from the 2008 David Thompson Brigade.  Through our society, planning and admin support materials, skills, and funds remaining from past brigades are available to support future brigades to ensure that voyageur brigades, and the skills and enjoyment of big canoe paddling will occur, and be passed onto the next generation of paddlers across Canada.


  • Link BIG canoe paddlers with adventure, skills and paddling opportunities.
  • Provide access to general plans, schedules, budgets, safety plans and similar documents  from previous brigades which will ease the planning task for future brigade organizers.
  • Archive documents and images from completed brigades.
  • Support future brigades with seed funding, insurance and registration support where needed.
  • Promote Water Stewardship and Cultural Cooperation across Canada through our brigades and the skills of paddling big canoes.

If you are interested in learning more or applying for support for a future brigade please drop a note to our Chair.

2019: time to plan and prepare

Shortly we expect to post our fall newsletter reporting on success from this past season.  Now it is time to consider our next couple of seasons.  A modest brigade can be planned over a fall, winter and spring… but a major brigade of a dozen canoes or more, and/or a dozen days or more does take a season or three to plan and prepare for.  We are prepared to provide “seed” funding to support  brigades, to support brigade groups in the acquisition of big canoes and paddling gear, and in learning how to paddle.   Let us know if you’d like to help… with a brigade… or with the brigade executive! 

It may be a bit before our Future Brigades link  has offerings for next year… wise organizing crews usually try to get their first notices up prior to Christmas.   Nothing is as nice as spending the winter holidays with a full belly of turkey and dreaming of a summer of paddling the old (and new) fur trade routes .