Voyageur Brigade Society: What is it?

The Voyageur Brigade Society was established in 2009 to ensure that the enthusiasm generated by the 2008 David Thompson Brigade would persist into the future and that voyageur brigades would occur on a regular basis.


  • Provide access of information from previous brigades which will ease the planning task.
  • Archive documents and images from completed brigades.
  • Link paddlers with adventure.

2017 Canadian Voyageur Brigades

It has been a grand summer of big canoe paddling, celebrating the canoe, our culture and our waterways!   Our six closely affiliated brigades, and the six more loosely associated brigades have all reported success!   As fall progresses reports, photos, and videos are being linked to the orginal brigade front pages.   Just use the brigade links above and if these reports, photos and videos have been posted they should appear at the top of each page.  We are adding to these pages, and leaving all the planning materials available for future brigade organizers to access.  Some brigades have also posted to the CVBS Facebook page.

Shortly we will have out a fall newsletter.  We will be calling for proposals for future brigades.  And given that some us have been working for five years on these 2017 brigades, we will be looking for some new faces to help, to attend our winter AGM in January.  Let us know if you’d like to help… with a brigade… or with the brigade executive!