The West Wind Brigade goes from Mattawa to Ottawa, on the Ottawa River starting in late June arriving in Ottawa on July 1, 2017.

The West Wind Ottawa Brigade is part of the The Four Winds Sesquicentennial  Brigades, a series of  4 brigades, one from the west, one from the north, one from the east, and one from the south, each with Victoria Island (Asinabke) in the Ottawa River at the foot of the parliament buildings as its final destination. The date of arrival is presently planned for  Canada Day, (Saturday, July 1).

Victoria Island (Asinabke) is an ideal final destination as it is sacred Algonquin territory, and has been a traditional meeting place for First Nations for over 5,000 years.  It is also the site where industry first began in what was to become the national capital of Canada.

The summer of 2017 offers us a unique  opportunity to re-live a period of our history to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Join our Voyageur Canoe Brigade to re-trace the fur trade route from North Bay, Ontario, down the Mattawa River to the Ottawa River and onto Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

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