2024 CVBS Participant Membership

Initial Crew Registration Form

Final Crew Registration Form

General Plan

Safety Plan

Our expectation is that by later in March or early April we will be posting complete information, and the initial crew registration Zone4.ca access link above.  Final crew registration forms will be opened in late May or early June.

Unattached paddler should contact the brigade registrar (see below) to confirm the availability of a “crew seat”.  Each Brigade Registrar tries to match unattached paddlers with incomplete crews through each crew leader.

Contact for Peace River Brigade for further info’:  Felicia Ochs <felicia.ochs@gmail.com>


Brigade Schedule

Day 0 14-Jul Registration & Camp Cotillion Park/Blackfoot Park
Day 1 15-Jul Morning session Cotillion Park
    Put in Blackfoot Regional Park
    Day 1 Pull out/Camping Cotillion Park
Day 2 16-Jul Put In Cotillion Park
    Crew Change Campbell’s Lease
    Day 2 Pull out/ Camping Many Islands Campground
Day 3 17-Jul Put In Many Islands Campground
    Crew Change Carters Camp Campground
    Crew Change/ Pull out Pratt’s Landing
    Day 3 Camping Dunvegan Provincial Park Maples Day Use Area
Day 4 Thursday, July 18 Put In Pratts Landing
    Day 4 Pull out/Camping Dunvegan Provincial Park
Day 5 Friday, July 19 Put In Dunvegan Provincial Park
      Water Pump Station
    Crew Change Elk Island Park
    Day 5 Pull Out/Camping Peace River Cabins Shaftesbury Ferry Tangent Park
Day 6 Saturday, July 20 Put In Peace River Cabins Shaftesbury Ferry Tangent Park
    Day 6 / End of Brigade Town of Peace River