If you decide to follow the adventurous life (and forget the swim-up bar) take a look at the videos below to see what brigade life is like.

2017 Canadian Canoe Pilgramage

from the CBC National

Tracing the Columbia: the 2011 Thompson Columbia Brigade

A documentary by Jay MacMillan 

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David Thompson Brigade |  2008

David Thompson Brigade Part One

David Thompson Brigade Part Two

David Thompson Brigade Part Three

David Thompson Brigade Part Four

Surfing the Dog

During one of the “rest days” of the 2008 David Thompson Brigade, a few people went to play in some rapids. The video shows that a 25 foot canoe with six paddlers is a very capable boat in the right hands. Note that when the canoe is surfing (the boat isn’t being pushed down river and nobody is paddling) it is surfing two waves, not just one.

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1967 – Canoe Pagent: finish in Montreal at Expo ’67 from CBC