Canadian Voyageur Brigade Society

The Canadian Voyageur Brigade Society has evolved from the 2008 David Thompson Brigade.  Through our society, planning and admin support materials, skills, and funds remaining from past brigades are available to support future brigades to ensure that voyageur brigades, and the skills and enjoyment of big canoe paddling will occur, and be passed onto the next generation of paddlers across Canada.


  • Link BIG canoe paddlers with adventure, skills and paddling opportunities.
  • Provide access to general plans, schedules, budgets, safety plans and similar documents  from previous brigades which will ease the planning task for future brigade organizers.
  • Archive documents and images from completed brigades.
  • Support for future brigades and big canoe programs through grant funding, insurance and registration support where needed.
  • Promote Water Stewardship and Cultural Cooperation across Canada through our brigades and the skills of paddling big canoes.

Are you planning to paddle a 2024 Brigade Participant Membership Registration & Waiver is here! This registration will open for our 2024 brigades by March 01. Prospective participants MUST confirm a place with canoe crew before registering.

If you are interested in learning more or applying for support for a future brigade or starting a Big Canoe paddling program please drop a note to our Chair. If you’d like to join CVBS as a Contributing/Class A Member our application form is on this link.